Fish cannery complex

About the company

The complex has advantageous location: developed transport infrastructure, non-freezing sea port, highway and railway line.

RosKon - is a resident of Special Economic Zone in Kaliningrad region (volume of investment 546,7 m. rubles).

RosKon is a newest cannery complex, designed from scratch, reckoning with experience of leading fish processing plants in Europe. Specialization of the plant is the production of canned fish from raw materials of oceanic fishing using high-technological equipment. Plant area exceeds 10,5 thou. sq. m. Refrigerator capacity is 1 200 tons of fish. Finished product storage able to store 5,5 m. cans. There is own boiler-house, providing plant needs, power is 8 megawatt. Plant capacity of cannery complex is 96 million cans per year (8 million cans per month). At the moment RosKon works in three shifts, total number of workers more than 450 people.

Fish raw exclusive supplier is Eurofish company owner of 8 vessels with total amount of employees 1000 people.

The plant equipping is also on the front edge of technological progress. Complex is outfitted with the most modern import technical equipment (Baader, Rosoma - Germany, SteriFlow - France et al.), which is regularly renovated and modernized. Overwhelming majority of operations is automatized from the stage of loading of the fish till sealing of cans. For example, butchering of the fish is fully automatized, that positively influence the product quality. The cans are sterilized in special autoclaves made in France. Defrosting is being made not with water, but in air-steam mixture. Water washes out many useful substances from fish, whereas during processing in air-steam mixture the substances are preserved.

Yield of the production is organized on 3 production lines:
Line 1 - canned fish in cans 6 and 5 (canned fish natural, canned fish natural with oil, canned fish in tomato sauce, canned fish with vegetables in tomato sauce).
Line 2 - canned fish in can of Hansa type (fillets natural, fillets blanched in oil, fillets blanched in tomato sauce, in jelly, premium category) and Club (fillets natural, fillets blanched in oil, fillets blanched in tomato sauce, premium category), canned fish in can 3 (Cod caviar sterilized) as well.
Line 3 - canned fish Sprats in oil from Baltic sprat in can 2, and canned smoked fish in can of Hansa type (fillets, premium category) as well . On the plant, the system of own quality control and product safety based on HACCP principles was elaborated and implemented, and in June 2012 permit for export of the production in European Union countries was given. RosKon is an official supplier of State Reserve of Russian Federation.

RosKon's - production is know under trademark Fish menu and Marine gourmet, and also under trade marks of the customers as 5 Seas, Fish island, Marine harvest, Rybovedov, FINE FOOD and so on.

RosKon regularly takes part in different exhibitions of food industry, production of the plant is often awarded, having gained international recognition. RosKon persistently broadens the product range and implements novelties, meeting the costumers desires half-way.

RosKon - till present moment is the only cannery complex in Russia, which able to concurrently produce such product range!

How it all began...

From first spile to first can - only 10 months!

Specialists had been said to build a plant for only 1 year is too ambitious task But you never know what you can do till you try. And it has been built! The first pile was rammed on wasteland on 16 April 2007. On 29 February 2008 the first pilot can of Natural sardinella in oil was sterilized ans sealed. Tremendous hard work of engineers, managers, financiers, builders and adjusters is left behind. Thank them for their work! Now is the way for those who can produce veritable cans, and who will manage this high-technological equipment, who will bring RosKon to the global market.

RosKon company thanks all, who took part in designing, financing, building and equipping the complex - Kaliningradpromproekt, Trascapitalbank, Litana-Kainingrad (general contractor), Project management service, Rosoma, West energetical company, LPM-ROS companies, all subcontracted organizations, suppliers and adjusters!

Official opening of the complex

On 26 March 2008 RosKon complex was officially opened - flags were ceremonially raised, red ribbon was cut. Representatives of Kaliningrad Oblast administration, leaderships of governmental organizations and controlling authorities, head of Pionersky urban district Municipality, shareholders of LLC RosKon, partners and guests of the company saw the plant that has already been normally operated. On line 1 canned fish was being sealed in can 6, finished cans were being sent to storage area. Visitors (mainly professionals in canning business) attentively and critically looked round the new complex And finally they gave high marks to plant organization process. Completion of balancing and commissioning and reaching the planned production output is ahead.